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EIB provides €35 million to Endesa to install thousands electric vehicle charging points

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 30, 2020
The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Endesa are joining forces to promote electric mobility in Spain.
EIB Endesa
Force   EIB Endesa
To this end, the EU bank will provide the Spanish company with €35 million in financing for the installation of electric charging stations across the entire country.

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The project, which will be implemented over the next four years, will make it possible to roll out a total of thousands charging points for hybrid or electric vehicles.

The first 2 000 charging points will be installed this year on the main motorway network and in Spain's principal urban areas, with the aim of covering 15 000 km and towns and cities with over 35 000 residents.

This will provide electric vehicle drivers with charging points every 100 km and charging infrastructure in the country's main towns and cities.

The remainder of the stations will be installed gradually over the next three years until 2023.

All of these will be on roads or in public car parks with open access for drivers.