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Copa Airlines to resume flights on June 26

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 25, 2020
Panama's Copa Airlines plans to resume flights on June 26 by traveling to some 40 destinations, half of their schedule previous the Covid-19 pandemic, according to local press.
Copa Airlines
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The airline company's president, Pedro Heilbron, told the newspaper La Prensa that, due to the low demand that will be registered in the upcoming months, the company will only use 10 percent of its fleet at first and as travelers grow, the company forecasts that by December Copa Airlines would be using less than half of its planes.

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This is the third date that the airline announced for the resumption of its flights, because on two previous occasions the Panamanian government extended the opening of its airspace, which is now planned for June 23.

Heilbron was straightforward in stating to the newspaper that they will not give up any of the 80 destinations they had previous the paralysis although the market decline will prevent them from reopening all this year; a scenario that the airline industry will face, whose recovery path, the president described it as 'Long and difficult.'

The confinement and closure of airports has hit aviation hard, he said, adding that nothing like it had ever been experienced, so this readjustment process is like 'a marathon in which we don't know where the goal is.'

If the closure of skies are not extended in the region, the first destinations where the airline would fly are San Jose, Costa Rica; Lima Peru; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Miami, United States; Santiago de Chile and Caracas, Venezuela. Previously Copa Airlines also planned Colombia, but the authorities of this country extended the ban until August 31.