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Chinese airlines interested in Dominican market

Staff Writer | September 11, 2018
The airlines Air China, South China and Easter China are interested in starting direct flights to the Dominican Republic as soon as the air agreements between both states are signed, according to the Civil Aviation Board (JAC).
Air China
Asia   Dominican Republic and China announced the establishment of diplomatic relations
The information was provided after a meeting between the president of the Board, Luis Ernesto Camilo, and the head of the political section of the Chinese embassy, Tiefei Xu, held to prepare the details for a future meeting with representatives of the these airlines.

According to the JAC, the potential market of Chinese visitors to the country is expected to increase by two million tourists per year, with an average level of expenses in the destination that would be around 5,800 dollars per person, one of the highest of the world.

Camilo said that the negotiations with these airlines -the most important not only in China but in the entire Asian continent- show the level of interest generated by the Dominican destination.

"We are convinced that the income of these airlines will positively impact all sectors of our economy," he added.

On May 1, Dominican Republic and China announced the establishment of diplomatic relations, which meant the severance of ties between this Caribbean country and Taiwan.