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China Telecom: Angola Cables to provide connectivity between Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 22, 2020
China Telecom Global Limited (CTG), subsidiary of China Telecom Corp Ltd and global broadband connectivity supplier, has selected the subsea cable operator Angola Cables to boost the long-haul links between Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Angola Cables
Telecom   Angola Cables
Through a partnership agreement signed on May 14, CTG and Angola Cables will launch a transmission route to link China, South Africa, and Brazil via the South Atlantic Cables System (SACS). This setting out will allow CTG to broaden its global scope through Angola Cable’s solid and big network comprising the WACS, SACS, and Monet subsea cable systems, including the Points of Presence and data centers in Africa and Latin America.

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CTG and Angola Cables have also agreed to deploy a network interconnection in South Africa, leveraging the advanced network capabilities of both companies; transmission capacity and latency between China, South Africa, Angola, and Brazil will thus be significantly improved.

According to Changhai Liu, China Telecom's managing director for Africa and the Middle East, the collaboration with Angola Cables will unlock many opportunities. “Through the current network infrastructure, and leveraging the capabilities and potential of SACS, CTG customers can enjoy the secure, cost-efficient low-latency speed of ~156 ms connecting Johannesburg to São Paulo.”