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China agrees to provide Mekong River data to downstream countries

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 23, 2020
China formally agreed on Thursday to provide the Mekong River Commission with data on water flows on the Mekong.
Mekong River
Downstream   Mekong River
The agreement pledges full cooperation in information sharing, a commitment welcomed by Southeast Asian countries downstream that had formerly received data only during the region’s rainy season.

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“The increased regulation of the [Mekong’s] basin and the opportunities and challenges it brings calls for greater data and information sharing, improved water release notifications, coordination of operations, and enhanced early warning systems,” Hatda said.

“China has also agreed to share urgent information on any unusual rise or fall in water levels and discharges, as well as other relevant information on factors that might lead to flooding in the lower reaches of the basin,” the MRC said.