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Caregiver hiring amid coronavirus crisis

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Texas ▼ | April 1, 2020
During a time when many service, retail and manufacturing companies are being forced to lay off employees because of coronavirus, Caregiver Inc. is hiring.
Caregiver is a provider of long-term care services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with operations in Texas, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.[break]

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"We're hoping to lessen the impact of unemployment during this crisis," said Mark Lashley, chief executive officer, Caregiver. "While other temporary jobs are opening up, we're providing an opportunity to start and grow a fulfilling career that serves the most vulnerable members of our communities."

Caregiver has openings for direct support professionals, also known as residential support staff, who are responsible for providing daily living care to Caregiver individuals in residential and group homes.

"Experience is not required, and Caregiver offers flexible schedules, immediate training and short-term, long-term, full- and part-time positions with competitive compensation," Lashley said.

"We're looking for sensitive, caring and responsible adults who want to make a difference in people's lives," he said. "Caregiver also provides employees with stable employment and growth opportunities within the company."