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Canada Post expected to resume service after long strike

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Staff Writer | November 26, 2018
Canada's postal service is expected to resume on Monday, as the country's parliament is ready to pass a bill to end a wave of strikes which has lasted for five weeks and crippled the e-commerce industry.
Canada Post
Canada   Canada Post
The House of Commons, or the lower chamber of the parliament, passed with a vote of 166-43 a legislation ordering postal workers back to work, during a special session that concluded Saturday morning.

The bill, titled "Postal Services Resumption and Continuation Act," will be dealt with by the Senate during the weekend, and is expected to go into effect by Monday noon.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers argued the bill is unconstitutional, threatening to challenge it in court, according to the Canadian Press.

The rotating postal workers' strikes demanding better pay and more job security have caused massive backlogs of mails and late delivery, affecting over 200 communities around the country, including big cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Complaints from consumers and online retailers toward the strikes have grown as Canada, like most Western countries, is embracing a holiday shopping spree. Canada Post delivers two-thirds of the country's online shopping packages.