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Byron unveils smart ambulance that sends real-time data to doctors

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Staff writer ▼ | March 23, 2016
An ambulance that will transmit real-time information about patients to hospital emergency was unveiled to ambulance authorities from Australia and New Zealand.
Innovation   A safer working environment for paramedics
Known as the Smart Ambulance, it is the result of an alliance between Byron, Australia’s ambulance manufacturer and exporter, and Ferno, an emergency care solutions company.

The new ambulance, revealed at a technology forum at Byron’s Smithfield plant in Sydney, will provide a safer working environment for paramedics, more efficient fleet management for ambulance services and improved communications about patient conditions with hospitals.

Glen Walker, Byron’s Chief Executive Officer, said today the innovations in ambulance engineering and technology represent a revolution in ambulance design and manufacturing in Australia.

He said: “Ferno’s world-leading products in patient transport, safety and vehicle intelligence systems will transform the medical vehicles we build and supply to ambulance and emergency services.

“Hospital emergency departments will be able to track changes in the patient’s condition in real time like never before. The ambulance will transmit the patient’s vital information such as ECG readings and cameras inside the ambulance will enable the hospital to view the patient while in transit.

“When the ambulance arrives at the hospital, they will already know the patient’s condition. The improved data flow between the ambulance in transit and the hospital will save valuable time in the triage process where seconds are critical.”

Mr Walker said the wellbeing of paramedics is paramount in the design of the Smart Ambulance.

“Ferno’s vehicle component system is designed to secure loose equipment inside the ambulance through track-mounted, magnetic pouches containing supplies and equipment. This allows paramedics to deliver patient care from a seated, restrained position, reducing the risk of injury from standing up in a moving vehicle to access supplies.

“The Smart Ambulance will have a duress system activation accessible from anywhere in the vehicle or by the paramedic’s personal device that activates 360 degree digital video recording, in-car voice warnings, and distress texts to multiple agencies with vehicle identification and location.

“The vehicle itself becomes a safe haven for ambulance officers as the Smart Ambulance is also fitted with security entry glass.”

Mr Walker said Ferno’s ACETECH cloud-based vehicle intelligence system will provide fleet managers with a stream of real-time data about the ambulance’s operations, deployment, driving behaviour, fuel costs, systems status and maintenance schedule.