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Bundeskartellamt clears acquisition of Malteser Rhein-Ruhr by Helios

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 25, 2020
The Bundeskartellamt has cleared the takeover by Helios Kliniken GmbH of Malteser Rhein-Ruhr gGmbH.
Malteser Rhein-Ruhr
Hospital operators   Takeover
The two hospital operators are in competition with each other in the provision of acute patient hospital services in Duisburg and Krefeld.

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Helios Kliniken GmbH is the largest operator of private hospitals in Germany and a subsidiary of the internationally active Fresenius healthcare group.

Helios operates 86 hospitals in Germany, including two each in Duisburg and Krefeld. Malteser Rhein Ruhr operates the St. Anna and St. Johannes Stift hospitals in Duisburg and the St. Josef hospital in Krefeld-Uerdingen.

The Bundeskartellamt evaluated the complete case data of all hospitals in the region as part of its investigation. The data were provided upon request by the institute for the hospital remuneration system (Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus, InEK). Competition concerns expressed by third parties could not be confirmed by the investigations.