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Blue Ridge Aquaculture to invest millions in Henry County, Va.

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Staff Writer | December 20, 2016
Blue Ridge Aquaculture will invest $3.2 million to expand its aquaculture operation in Henry County and create five new jobs in Virginia.
Blue Ridge Aquaculture
Expansion   The largest producer of aquaculture-raised tilapia
Founded in 1993, Blue Ridge Aquaculture is the largest producer of aquaculture-raised tilapia in the world using an environmentally sensitive, indoor recirculating system; producing 4 million pounds of tilapia a year and shipping between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds of live tilapia each day.

Virginia is the nation’s third largest seafood producer and the largest on America’s Atlantic coast. In addition, Virginia is ranked 10th nationally in aquaculture production.

Virginia’s watermen harvest 50 commercially valuable species from 620,000 acres of water, including sea scallops, blue crabs, striped bass, summer flounder, croaker, spot, clams and oysters.

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science reported the annual economic impact of Virginia’s seafood industry to be over one half of a billion dollars.