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Bing search takes over surprising amount of Google’s market share

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Staff Writer | July 6, 2017
Microsoft’s search engine Bing has made some seriously surprising inroads into Google’s territory, managing to snatch a considerable chunk of the search market in the U.S. and UK.
Bing search
Technology   According to comScore:
According to comScore’s figures for desktop PC searches in March of this year, Bing has managed to capture no less than 33% of the market over in the States. And it’s not far behind that in the UK, with a 26% share.

That represents 5 billion searches every month in the US, and just under 980 million in the UK.

Bing is considerably more popular in these two countries than most other places in Europe, or indeed the rest of the world. Bing has a global market share of 9%, in fact – and it’s worth further noting that Bing searches here include Yahoo and AOL searching powered by Microsoft’s engine.

Nonetheless, that’s still almost a tenth of the global market – and the overall percentage is pulled down by the Asia-Pacific region, where Bing’s market share is only 3%.

It’s quite incredible to think that one in three searches in the US are powered by Bing, and a quarter of all searches in the UK. That’s far more than we (and doubtless many others) imagined would be the case.

Other highlights include a 19% share in France, 17% of the Canadian search market, and a score of 24% over in Taiwan.