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Atlassian becomes one of Australia's largest companies overnight

Staff writer ▼ | December 11, 2015
Australian software company Atlassian has become the one of the nation's largest companies overnight, after it listed on the Nasdaq stock market on Thursday.
IPO   Public offer made another giant
After floating in the early hours (Australian time), Atlassian hit a share price of $27.78, up from its list price of $21, and raised over $462 million during its first day of trading.

Within the space of hours, the company has now been valued at just under $6 billions, placing it as Australia's largest tech company, and worth as much as Australia's national airline and flag carrier, Qantas. It is also now worth more than Australian brand Coca-Cola Amatil, and Australian wine giant Treasury Wine Estates.

Atlassian is a software company responsible for programs such as Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat and JIRA, pioneering the use of the cloud in delivering software to clients.