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Amazon to Palestinians: Register as Israelis if you want free shipping

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 16, 2020
Amazon offers free shipping to illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank but not to Palestinians living in the same area, the Financial Times investigation revealed.
Palestinian Territories street
Business in the Middle East   A customer within the Palestinian Territories must select Israel
In findings released in an investigation, the Financial Times discovered that by taking all of the illegal settlement addresses and entering them into Amazon’s delivery portal, the company extends its website’s offer of free shipping “if your shipping address is in Israel...”.

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However, customers who list their address as “the Palestinian Territories” are forced to pay shipping and handling fees starting from $24. Amazon spokesman Nick Caplin told the paper that Palestinians can only circumvent the issue “if a customer within the Palestinian Territories enters their address and selects Israel as the country, they can receive free shipping through the same promotion.”

In a statement to Middle East Eye, Granate Kim, communications director for Jewish Voice for Peace, said, “I’m outraged yet unsurprised to hear that Amazon is discriminating against Palestinians like this.

“Amazon is essentially incentivizing Palestinians to choose ‘Israel’ as their address to get a free shipping deal. Corporations like Amazon need to be held accountable for such abhorrent practices and we’re talking with partners now to see how to do that.”