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Allergan generates $6.35 billion for California

Staff Writer | September 27, 2016
A new study shows that Allergan's California operations generated a combined annual economic activity in the state of approximately $6.35 billion and net economic impact of $3.45 billion.
Study   By the Orange County Business Council
The study was conducted by the Orange County Business Council (OCBC). The economic impact is a direct result of the Company's strong influence on employment in the state, generating more than 16,600 direct, indirect and induced jobs, with annual total statewide labor income of ~$1.55 billion.

Allergan's California operations generated annual total statewide labor income of approximately $1.55 billion, providing value added benefits of $3.45 billion to the state.

Allergan is a significant contributor to California state and local tax revenue. In 2016, combined taxes paid directly by Allergan in the state are expected to exceed $108 million.

Allergan's California workforce earns annual compensation, including benefits, of more than $438 million in total compensation, with average annual compensation for Allergan employees of more than $200,000, far exceeding the state's average annual wage of $55,260.

The Allergan Foundation, a U.S.-based, private charitable foundation committed to providing a lasting and positive impact in the communities in which Allergan plc employees live and work, has a long history of providing charitable grants and philanthropy in the state.

Between 2011 and 2016, the Foundation provided grants to more than 450 California organizations totaling more than $11 million.