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Alaska Airlines: First flight with jet fuel from trees

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Staff Writer | November 15, 2016
Alaska Airlines has broken new ground this week, with one of its commercial flights using renewable fuel made from "forest residuals."
Alaska Airlines
Airline   A 20 percent blend of sustainable aviation biofuel
The fuel, according to the Washington state-based airline, is composed of the limbs and branches left over after the harvesting of managed forests. The airline claims that it was the first commercial flight using the world's first renewable, alternative jet fuel made from forest residuals.

The flight was between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Reagan National Airport, which serves Washington, D.C. It used a 20 percent blend of sustainable aviation biofuel, which Alaska Airlines said was "chemically indistinguishable from regular jet A fuel."

The fuel was developed thanks to the work of the Washington State University-led Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA), Alaska Airlines added.