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Air Canada must keep heavy maintenance center in Montreal

Staff writer ▼ | November 5, 2015
Quebec's Court of Appeal ruled against Air Canada, upholding a lower court's 2013 decision that the carrier must keep heavy maintenance operations in Montreal.
Air Canada
Airline   Court of Appeal ruled against Air Canada
Canada's largest carrier appealed the case first brought by the province of Quebec to court in 2012, Reuters reports.

The predominantly French-language province argued that Air Canada breached its legal obligations to keep heavy maintenance operations in the country after the carrier closed a facility in Montreal.

The facility was operated by the former Aveos Fleet Performance, once an important Air Canada contractor. In 2012 Aveos obtained creditor protection and laid off its 2,600 Canadian employees, including about 1,700 workers in Montreal.

The Air Canada Public Participation Act, the law that has governed Air Canada's operations since its 1988 privatization, says the airline must maintain overhaul centers in Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario.

Tuesday's court decision said Air Canada was contravening the act by not maintaining an aircraft overhaul operations in Montreal.