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Agrokor suppliers: First pay 250m euros, then we'll talk

Staff Writer | April 8, 2017
Agrokor suppliers, as they announced, halted deliveries of all products to the group's most important company Konzum, with the exception of fresh bread.
Agrokor Konzum
Retail crisis   No products for the troubled Croatian company
At the same time, suppliers and banks are trying to reach an agreement to solve the situation as soon as possible. The meeting between suppliers and representatives of banks was held during the night.

Representatives of the Coordination of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Agrokor said that on Monday they expect an invitation to mee the newly appointed commissioner. They will come out with their requirements in order to continue the delivery of goods Konzum.

"We believe that the commissioner will accept our demands and then we will be able to continue with regular deliveries of goods to Konzum," said on behalf of the coordination Zoran Stankovic, a member of Atlantic Group.

Stankovic added: "There will be no write-offs."

Manufacturers and suppliers do not have anyone to talk to in the Agrokor group, as the commissioner has not yet been appointed by the Croatian government.

Goods can not be delivered to Konzum until the banks pay 250 million euros, as this is necessary to unblock the accounts of suppliers.

Presidency of SDP, the largest opposition in the Croatian parliament to HDZ that formed the government, held a special session and its president Davor Bernardić said that the "Lex Agrokor" opened a Pandora's box. They also called for the resignation of the finance minister Zdravko Maric because he was Agrokor's employee before he stepped into politics.

"SDP has established a crisis headquarters to help small suppliers and workers whose lives and whose destinies are completely uncertain."

The opposition added that it would open a toll-free number to assist and support workers and small suppliers. However, suppliers repeated that they don't want politics to step in and warned the opposition to step back.