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AG Brnovich asks judge to reject Google’s $13 million ‘wi-spy’ class action settlement

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 3, 2020
Attorney General Mark Brnovich is asking a federal judge to reject Google’s $13 million class action settlement regarding its ‘Wi-Spy’ scandal that would send all of the money to attorneys and select organizations instead of harmed consumers.
Mark Brnovich
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O.H. Skinner, Solicitor General for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, argued the states’ case at the U.S. District Court, North District of California.

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The $13 million settlement stems from a 2010 class action lawsuit where Google’s Street View cars collected millions of consumers’ private data off their WiFi networks without consumers even knowing.

Under the current proposed settlement, harmed consumers would receive nothing from the $13 million cash fund.

Instead, Google would pay $4 million to attorneys and $8.75 million to select organizations that have nothing to do with the lawsuit.

Similar “cy pres-only” settlements, where class members receive no direct benefit, have garnered the attention of federal courts across the country, including the Supreme Court.