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Adidas made shoe of recycled ocean waste

Staff writer ▼ | July 7, 2015
Adidas creates world first shoe upper made entirely of yarns and filaments reclaimed and recycled from ocean waste.
Adidas Parley
Ecology   Parley for the Oceans
Parley for the Oceans is an organisation in which creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness about the state of the oceans and to collaborate on projects that can protect and conserve them.

As founding member, adidas supports Parley for the Oceans in its education and communication efforts, as well as its comprehensive Ocean Plastic Program that intends to end plastic pollution of the oceans.

Parley’s partner organisation Sea Shepherd retrieved the nets after a 110-day expedition tracking an illegal poaching vessel, which culminated off the coast of West Africa.

The concept shoe illustrates the direction adidas and Parley for the Oceans are taking, ahead of consumer-ready ocean plastic products being revealed later this year.