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About 14% of workers left Zappos after 'no boss' directive

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POST Online Media ▼ | May 9, 2015
After Zappos came up with a new and unusual "no boss" management structure, Holacracy, some 14% of the workforce decided to take a three months' severance and left the company that promotes no strict leadership structure.
Innovation   A proof that workers need a leader
In the management structure called Holacracy which employees essentially manage themselves without traditional bosses or job titles. acknowledged that the transition to this new form of self-management has been a difficult one.

In March, CEO Tony Hsieh sent a memo to his employees stating that Zappos, a subsidiary of, was taking too much time switching to this new management structure and offered at least three months’ severance to anybody who leaves the company by April 30 and think that Holacracy isn't working.

Zappos is known by its new idea, such as paying a month’s pay to anyone who dress up in animal costumes during the all-staff meeting, but this new move was obviously too much for 210 employees.

The offer was those who leave was indeed generous but the number of employees who left is so big that the company should rethink its readical idea, without forcing it employees to read a book "Reinventing Organizations" and bringing back some of the traditional management styles.