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Wisconsin’s potato industry to raise $5m for UW-Madison research

Staff Writer | January 27, 2017
Wisconsin’s potato industry has had a strong, decades-long partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s potato researchers.
Research   Over the next 10 years
It helped place Wisconsin among the top three potato-producing states in the nation. Now, in order to ensure the ongoing strength of this relationship, the industry has made a commitment to raise $5m over the next 10 years to support the university’s program.

The funds will be raised by the state’s potato growers in the form of an additional assessment on their potato sales.

The industry made a first step toward this commitment this past summer, when, at the request of the WPVGA, the Wisconsin Potato Industry Board increased the assessment on potato sales by one cent per hundredweight, raising it from six to seven cents per hundredweight.

The Board will consider raising the assessment by another penny next year, the maximum it can be increased in a year.