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Vanuatu government assists in harvest of 40 tonnes of potatoes

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Staff Writer | September 20, 2017
Vanuatu's Minister of Agriculture Matai Seremaiah has helped potato farmers on Tanna island to harvest about 40 tonnes of organic potatoes.
Matai Seremaiah
Pacific   Farmers were happy to get payment
He also provided a ship to cart the spuds to Port Vila where the government's Cooperatives Department can sell them in the local market.

RNZ's correspondent said farmers were happy to get payment for their potatoes from a government agency for the first time.

The government wants to encourage the farmers to grow more potatoes, carrots and onions to reduce a reliance on imports and to export their crops.

The minister said while Vanuatu couldn't compete with major growers overseas, its marketing strategy would rely on its products being organic.