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Uruguay's wool and lamb exports dropped 17% in 12 months

Staff Writer | February 16, 2017
Uruguay wool and lamb exports dropped 17% in dollars in the last twelve months compared to the year before.
Farmers in LatAm   China was the main client
Of the $265 million shipped overseas, China was the main client with 42% of that total, according to the latest Custom stats.

Of the total $265 million, 78% was wool and wool products, $206 million; lamb and mutton $49 million; skins, $1.5 million; wool grease and lanoline, $7.9 million and live sheep only $123.000.

The 37.6 million kilos of wool exported ($193 million) was down 18% compared to the previous twelve months. Of that volume 57% was combed wool.

Behind China the main markets for Uruguay's ovine industry produce figure, Germany 17%; Italy, 6.6%; Turkey, 4.8%; India, 3.3%; Bulgaria, 2.7%; Iran, 2.6%; Japan, 2.4% and South Korea, 2.2%.

In greasy and washed wool China was the main market, 73% and 66% respectively. Germany led with 27.5% of combed wool.