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Ukraine extended the list of embargoed Russian food

Staff writer ▼ | January 23, 2016
In response to the introduction by Russia trade bans towards Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine decided to supplement the list of goods prohibited for import to the customs territory of Ukraine from the Russia.
Trade tensions   Ban to import more than 70 commodity items
A decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from December 30, 2015 “On the prohibition of import into the customs territory of Ukraine of goods originating from the Russian Federation” was endorsed.

The decree of the government stipulates for the ban to import to the customs territory of Ukraine more than 70 commodity items, including: onions, sauces and ketchups, fish, some confectionery items, such as cookies, crackers and the like.

The corresponding decree will come into force 10 days from the date of publication. The aforesaid restrictions on imports of goods from Russia will be in effect until August 5, 2016 or until the above-mentioned ban on goods from Ukraine is canceled by the Russian Federation.