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Ukraine exports 50 times more mushrooms

Staff Writer | November 20, 2017
According to the National Mushroom Agency UMDIS, Ukraine's export of fresh mushrooms multiplied by 50, but they are still insufficient compared to their production.
Ukraine exports 50 times more mushrooms
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"During the first 9 months of 2017 Ukraine exported 279 tons of fresh mushrooms, i.e. 50 times more compared than the 5 tons it exported in the same period last year. During 2016, Ukraine exported 40 tons of mushrooms. Exports accounted for approximately 1% of the country's mushroom production.

As noted, the country's exports are not very diverse. 79% of the mushrooms (220 tons) have been exported to Moldova, and 20% (56 tons) to Belarus.

The remaining 1% was exported to other countries. Only one shipment each has been made to Romania, Israel, and Kuwait.