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UK is largest dairy customer for EU-27

Staff Writer | February 8, 2017
After Brexit, the UK would be the EU’s largest customer for dairy products, if trade continued at recent levels, says AHDB.
UK dairy
Dairy in Britain   The UK will be a key target
The UK imported around £2.5bn worth of dairy produce from the EU-27 during 2015. This is equal to around 20% of EU-27’s total global exports.

Despite excellent milk producing credentials, the UK has the second largest net dairy deficit in the world, behind China.

This trade deficit is largely driven by cheese imports, which made up around half of the value of the UK’s total dairy imports in 2015.

It also imports significant quantities of infant formula, butter, yoghurts and buttermilk.

As a result, the UK is one of the most valuable global markets for dairy and will be a key target for many dairy exporting nations.