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Turkey eases restrictions on lemon exports

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 18, 2020
In early April, Turkey decided to subject lemon exports to restraints until August 31.
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Now these restrictions are eased, exporters are allowed to export lemons again.

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In an announcement, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry allowed exporters to export 10.000 tons of lemons.

President of the National Citrus Council Kemal Kaçmaz stressed that the decision made made the sector representatives happy.

Explaining that lemon exports will both prevent economic losses and prevent market losses.

"The export of lemons that are harvested at the end of the season and with a short shelf life will prevent the economic loss. There will be no market loss even for a while. The release of 10 thousand tons of lemon exports has been welcomed by the producers and exporters. will. We are ready as Exporters. We have the capacity to meet this figure. Nobody Do not worry, Turkey our product in the store enough to the needs of the present. We have to think about our country before everything else. I believe the Union and that we will witness beautiful process in the tie. "