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Turkey: Don't buy imported bananas, calls Antalya Governor

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 14, 2019
Antalya Governor Munir Karaloglu has urged the tourism sector to prefer local bananas over imported bananas.
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Turkey consumes 850.000 tons of bananas of which 250.000 tons come from Antalya.

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Governor Karaloglu says that maybe one day banana cultivation would become a bigger sector than tourism in Antalya.

"Nobody needs to offer imported bananas any longer, our local bananas taste much better." said Karaloglu in his visit to a processing and packaging facility in Manavgat, the biggest of its kind in the area.

Antalya Governor Karaloglu stated that there is an important progress in terms of tropical fruits in the city.

"This greenhouse sits in an area of 17.5 hectare and this makes it the largest banana greenhouse field in Antalya.

They don't only produce bananas but also ripen and package them applying global standards." said Karaloglu.

Governor also emphasised that banana cultivation in greenhouse fields has improved in the past three years and that processing activities have increasingly become important in the production.

The domestic banana consumption in Turkey is 850.000 of which 300.000 comes from Mersin and 250.000 tons come from Antalya, Governor Karaloglu said.

Then, he pointed out the city's and the country's potential in the near future:

"Antalya has been increasing its banana production for the past 3 to 4 years.

In 2 years from now, we will become Turkey's biggest banana producer.

Turkey's banana consumption habits are only around one third of Europe's.

Once we can increase domestic consumption of bananas to the same level as other fruits and vegetables, I hope that Turkey will no longer be an importer country but an exporter in the near future."

"Banana cultivation is an important part of Manavgat's economy and who knows maybe in 3 to 5 years it will contribute to the local economy at least as much as the tourism sector.

Everybody needs to support us in terms of promotion and consumption.

Let's address to the tourism facilities here: Don't offer imported bananas any longer.

Our local bananas are much tastier." added Governor Karaloglu.