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Trinidad and Tobago to explore aquaculture opportunities

Staff Writer | August 12, 2016
With eyes set on new economic growth poles, aquaculture experts are of the view that opportunities in their field need to be better explored.
Trinidad and Tobago fish
Aquaculture   "Climate wise we can produce year round"
Longstanding commercial aquafarmer Kent Vieira insists that the country needs to pay greater attention to building capacity within the sector by sharing knowledge of the know-hows of the industry.

Vieira describes the prospects as “global” in nature and highly achievable because of some natural advantages.

“Climate wise we can produce year round and so can sustainably and consistently supply markets,” Vieira told T&T Guardian and he makes specific reference to the farming of tilapia.

Agricultural scientist, Steve Maximay, said such thinking also makes sound environmental sense. “With the increasing concerns about agrichemicals produced from fossil fuel based operations aquaponics provides a way for spent water from aquaculture operations to be used as the fertiliser for crop production,” he said.

“Marine fisheries also currently present challenges related to declining fish stocks, longer distances per fishing expedition and other factors,” Maximay told T&T Guardian.

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