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Tougher testing of pork origin planned by AHDB

Staff writer ▼ | February 25, 2016
The testing of pork and pork products, for their origin, is being stepped up by AHDB Pork, moving from a quarterly check to a monthly programme.
SIRA   Stable Isotope Reference Analysis
The testing process to be used is SIRA (Stable Isotope Reference Analysis), an innovative technology which compares retail and processed pork and pork products against a library of pork samples from known locations, built up over a number of years. This will allow testers to see which products come from UK sources and which don’t.

“The focus to date has been on fresh pork in supermarkets,” said AHDB Pork’s strategy director, Mick Sloyan.

“Last year, we extended this to bacon and pork used as a raw material in sausages and ham and, in the coming months, we will be focusing on high street butchers, a segment of the market we haven’t concentrated on in the past.”