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Syria recovers its production of cotton and olives

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 18, 2019
Syria's agricultural sector has begun to recover and production of certain crops this year recorded figures relatively similar to those before the war began in 2011.
Syria cotton
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'The national production of olives this year is estimated at 830,000 tons, which would produce around 150,000 tons of olive oil,' reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform.

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It added that hundreds of olive presses resumed operations after extensive areas of the national territory were freed from terrorism.

Cotton is another of the crops that is recovering and production this year would reach 90,470 tons, according to figures announced by state company Cotton Marketing and Processing.

Before the war in 2011, Syria covered all its agricultural production needs, but terrorism caused production to fall drastically, before it began to recover in the last two years.