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Sri Lanka increases import taxes on more fresh and dried fruits

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 2, 2020
Sri Lanka has suspended or halted the import of a large number of goods, in the worst trade controls slapped since the break of the Bretton Woods in 1971.
Sri Lanka fruit
Food   Sri Lanka fruit
But some foods, especially those that are needed for the tourism industry are allowed in, though highly taxed.

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Sri Lanka has added more import taxes on fresh and dried fruits including pears, apricots and peaches for six months from June 17, as more trade barriers were erected.

A special commodity levy – an all-inclusive import tax – of 350 rupees was added for a kilogram of apricots, 330 rupees for cherries, 310 rupees for peaches, 310 rupees for plums, 285 rupees for grapefruit and 300 rupees for dried grapefruit. Clementines were taxed at 120 rupees a kilogram, with dried ones taxed at 250 rupees a kilogram.