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Spain to destroy up to 50% of lettuce

Staff writer ▼ | February 16, 2016
The associations Proexport and AMOPA will enforce the mass destruction of lettuce to tackle rock-bottom prices during the entire campaign.
Catastrophic situation   The associations Proexport and AMOPA
"We had never such low prices for so long. The current average stands at around 2 Euro per box, when the customary and reasonable price should be no lower than 4.5 Euro per box. These prices are ridiculously low and do not even come close to covering the production costs," explains Fernando P. Gómez, general director of Proexport.

"It's a very difficult decision because of all the hard work there is behind the production and the great number of families living from it, but the situation is unsustainable for the entire sector and we are facing a real disaster," he assures.

According to the representative, growers will proceed to the destruction of mostly iceberg lettuce without the prospect of receiving funds, trying to reduce the available volumes by 30% to 50% given the huge pressure from supply chains, especially German ones, in the current context, marked by weather changes which have accelerated production by up to twenty days and which could cause an earlier end of the season.

"Distribution chains are once again showing a lack of consideration for what is going on in the fields, although it is also true that the trend in Germany, as in other European countries, the planting of their own vegetables is taking an increasingly bigger toll on our exports to these countries."