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Spain is only European country with considerable tropical production

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Staff writer ▼ | December 2, 2015
Spain is the only European country with a significant commercial production of subtropical fruits, especially avocados and mangoes.
Tropical fruits   Producers have already reached 10,000 hectares of avocados
In the Iberian Peninsula, this production concentrates in the Andalusian Mediterranean coast, in the provinces of Malaga and Granada.

The growth of such crops is such that, in recent years, producers have already reached 10,000 hectares of avocados, with an average production of 50,000 tonnes, and 5,000 hectares of mangoes, which yield 22,000 tonnes per year.

The third fastest growing fruit is cherimoya, with 2,700 hectares.

Profitability is the main motivation behind the growth of these crops. Last season, avocado producers received an average of 1.60 euros per kilo; in the case of mangoes, the price reached 1.30 euros.