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Spain EU's leading melon producer followed closely by Italy

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 11, 2019
Spain is the leading melon producer in the European Union (EU), followed closely by Italy, according to data from FAOSTAT, the statistical agency of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO).
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The FAO data correspond to the year of 2017 (January-December) which are the latest ones published by the aforementioned agency.

According to the FAO, there were 1,770.46 million kilos of melons in the European Union in 2017 grown on 70,874 hectares. The average yield per square meter stood at 2.5 kilos.

As already mentioned, the largest European melon producer is Spain, with a total of 655.67 million kilos grown on 20,473 hectares and a yield per square meter of 3.20 kilos, the highest of the 5 largest producers.

Italy is in second place, with a production of 605.74 million kilos, an area of 23,970 hectares and a yield of 2.53 kilos per square meter.

The third place in the ranking is for France, with 261.66 million kilos of melons produced on 14,259 hectares and a yield of 1.84 kilos / m2.

The fourth place is for Greece, with a production of 136.38 million kilos grown on 6,206 hectares and a yield of 2.2 kilos / m2.

Romania was the fifth largest European producer of melons in 2017, with a total of 43.76 million kilos, an area of 3,345 hectares and a yield of 1.31 kilos per square meter.