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South Korea: DNA test paves way for identifying origin of goat meat

Staff Writer | February 25, 2019
South Korea’s state-run agricultural watchdog said it has applied a new DNA analysis technology that can be used to distinguish locally-produced goat meat from imported goods.
Asia   The agency said it conducted tests over 50 samples
The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) the technology can be used to uncover goat-meat products which fabricated their countries of origin.

“Following the rising popularity of goat meat for health-related purposes in South Korea, the number of cases in which sellers diguise imported mountain goat and sheep products as locally-produced meat is also increasing,” the NAQS said, hinting that it is hard to distinguish them only through texture.

The agency said it conducted tests over 50 samples of goat meat products currently sold in South Korea, with 10 of them turning out to be imported mountain goats.

“Through the new measure, we plan to bolster the efforts to curb the falsification of the country of origin,” the NAQS said.