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SFP launches new approach to evaluating sustainable aquaculture

Staff Writer | March 8, 2018
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) launched a new approach to assessing sustainable aquaculture management through the publication of 35 profiles for farmed shrimp, salmon, and pangasius across 10 countries.
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Seafood   Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
The profiles are written at a regional scale, that allow corporate buyers to assess specific production regions and better understand risks in their procurement strategies.

SFP will encourage partners to source from production regions that demonstrate greater levels of responsibility and support improvements in poorer performing regions. The profiles can be viewed at

There is as yet no formal, accepted definition for “sustainable” aquaculture, with many buyers and suppliers focused on “responsible” aquaculture within the context of farm-based certifications.

While recognizing the benefits of farm certification in addressing some risks and improving practices at specific sites and within specific supply chains, this approach fails to address systemic management issues.

“In SFP’s view, sustainably managed aquaculture requires best practices at the farm level, production zone level and national policy level. The new methodology and profiles on FishSource offer a broad vision for sustainably managed aquaculture,” said SFP CEO Jim Cannon.

“SFP is inviting partners and industry to join us in adopting this ambitious new approach for aquaculture.”