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Serbia: African swine fever issue resolved for now

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 16, 2019
There are no new cases of African swine fever in Serbia, and it is most likely that human factors have been responsible for the cases so far, Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic said on Thursday after talking to representatives of the Pig Breeders Association.
Serbian farm
Europe   There are no new cases of African swine fever in Serbia
"Fortunately, we have been able to resolve the issue in this microspace for now," Nedimovic said in Doroslov, explaining that the African swine fever is like a terrorist that appears in certain environments quite a distance from one another.

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He added that the occurrence of this disease was most likely caused by the human factor, because no changes were seen in the population of wild boars in Serbia.

"Small households are most threatened because of the poor bio-security measures, the chances of passing to larger farms are minimal because measures are being implemented and the human factor is not contributing," the minister said, noting that Serbia would fight this disease as well as it has previously dealt with much more serious illnesses.