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Scottish farmers berate supermarkets failure to stock local lamb

Staff Writer | April 14, 2017
Scottish sheep farmers are appalled and disappointed at the lack of support Scottish supermarkets are giving to tasty, Scottish lamb this Easter.
Scottish farmers
Britain   The lack of support
With significant numbers of Scottish stock still on farm, the Union’s secret shoppers, when counting packs of chilled lamb in stores the length and breadth of the country, have found almost all retailers giving people little choice to buy Scottish lamb.

Easter weekend marks one of the few times in the year when families are guaranteed to get around the dinner table to enjoy a hearty meal, with many seeking out home-produced meat.

Sadly, the Union’s shelfwatch has indicated that shoppers will have to look hard in stores to find any Scottish or turn to their local butcher if they want to buy some fresh, tasty and local Scottish lamb.

The shelfwatch results show that, despite previous commitments by some supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, the Co-op, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer and Lidl have all chosen to import huge volumes of New Zealand and Australian lamb, shunning home producers.

More worryingly, today’s results show a marked decrease from the results in previous years, leading to farmers questioning the long-term commitment of supermarkets supporting Scottish sheep producers.

In one Tesco store, underneath a banner proclaiming ‘The Best Scottish Lamb in Season’, a secret shopper found 100 packs of New Zealand lamb.

Despite their previous vocal support for Scottish and British lamb, Morrisons, and Lidl both were found to be stocking large amounts of imported lamb.