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Saudi Arabia raises poultry import tax from 5% to 20%

Staff Writer | January 9, 2017
Saudi Arabia has raised from 5% to 20% the poultry import tax. The tax rate returned to 2008 levels, when it had been reduced to 5%.
Saudi Arabia poultry
Food prices   Saudi Arabia banned imports of poultry
That year, there was a strong hike in the international prices of food and importing-dependent countries faced times of crisis.

The Arab nation has been developing local poultry production and there’s an interest by the Saudi poultry sector in a hike of the product’s import tax. From 2015 to 2016 the country’s output increased 3%, while total imports dropped 2%.

From a legal viewpoint, there’s not much to do, since the 20% rate is the cap for the product set by Saudi Arabia at the World Trade Organization (WTO), that is, the country has the right to raise the import tax up to this level.

Also this week, Saudi Arabia banned imports of poultry, eggs and products from some provinces in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Holland and France, and from India as a whole.

The action was taken due to the emergence of bird flu hotspots in these countries.