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Sale of wood without electronic records in Ukraine to be illegal from April

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 12, 2020
The sale of wood without electronic centralized records will be considered illegal from April 2020 and will be subject to additional checks by law enforcement authorities, Head of the State Forest Resources Agency Andriy Zablotsky has said.
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"95% of all wood logged by forestry enterprises in Ukraine is subject to electronically record keeping.

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With dry figures, this means that 526 permanent forest users are connected to the electronic centralized records, of which 341 are state owned enterprises, organizations and institutions, 144 are municipal enterprises and 41 are forest users who belong to other organizational and legal forms of management," he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Zablotsky, the remaining 5% are individual municipal and private enterprises that are in the process of training and connecting to the electronic centralized records.

He reminded that previously only forestry enterprises managed by the State Forest Resources Agency worked in the electronic record keeping system.

The head of the State Forest Resources Agency said that access to the unified public system of electronic record keeping of wood was provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the State Fiscal Service, the Security Service of Ukraine and other public bodies so that they had the opportunity to verify the legality of wood transportation.

The public can verify the legality of logging through the Forest in a Smartphone system and the legality of its transportation by tag number, consignment notes and the vehicle, he said.

"Starting in April, the sale of wood without electronic records will be considered unlawful and will be subject to additional checks by law enforcement agencies," Zablotsky said.

"The State Forest Resources Agency is also preparing amendments to the legislation regarding the criminalization of trade in illegally logged wood and the inaccuracy of information entered into the electronically record keeping system.

"In addition, according to the head of the State Forest Resources Agency, it is planned to resolve the issue of full certification of wood products, so that there are no legislative gaps when individual wood products are exported from Ukraine without certificates of origin.

"Often there are questions both from trading partners and from society that such products are made from wood of dubious origin," Zablotsky said.