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Russian aquaculture production hits 130K tons in 1H

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 30, 2019
Culture-based fishery reached 128.1 thousand tons in Russia in January-July 2019 (+53K tons year-on-year).
Russia fish
Russia   Russia fish
More than 15K tons of fish seed were grown in 7 months as well.

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About 33.7% of the total aquaculture production came from the Southern Federal District, 27.3% from the North-West Federal District, 21.6% from the Far Eastern Federal District.

A significant increase in the production of commercial fish products was registered in the Primorsky Territory (+20.1K tons), the Murmansk Region (+13.1K tons) and the Astrakhan Region (+11.2K tons).

The most part was salmon 37.9K tons, including 18.2K tons of pond and brook trout.

Carp production was 26.5K tons, silver carp 21.5K tons, scallops 10.1K tons, kelp 9.8K tons, cupid 5.5K tons.

The total volume of fish amounted to 99K tons, invertebrates 19.3K tons, kelp 9.8K tons.

37.7% of the products are attributable to mariculture facilities, 31.2% came from ponds, 14.2% from cages and 12.6% from lake farms.