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Russian Aquaculture exceeds expectations

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 1, 2019
Russian Aquaculture, the country’s leading salmon producer, has reported a record start to 2019.
Russian Aquaculture
Russia   Aquaculture show an operating EBIT/kg of RUB 200 per kilo
The company’s H1 results show an operating EBIT/kg of RUB 200 (€2.7) per kilo.

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Russian Aquaculture attribute this “record performance” to “implementation of the development plans announced during the SPO in 2017". These included a vertical integration strategy that has given them full control of all stages of the production, processing and sale of fish.

Russian Aquaculture also note the advantages of their transition to annual stocking, monitoring of the full rearing cycle, better organisation of feed supplies and the successful development a new sales system.

These resulted in a considerable increase in sales to 9,600 tonnes in H1 2019, up from 800 tonnes a year earlier.

Margins were also helped by “a favourable pricing environment” which enabled the company to achieve revenue of RUB 4.8 billion, compared with RUB 0.3 billion for the same period in 2018.