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Russia stops salmon train project

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 10, 2020
Plans to launch a salmon train service carrying seafood from Norway into the heart of China have been postponed because of problems with the Russian authorities.
Salmon train
Food from Russia   Salmon train
Due to have started this month, the 6,500km route from Narvik to Xi’an via Finland and Moscow would have been one of the world’s longest rail freight journeys.

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But the Norwegian magazine Moderne Transport reports Narvik’s port director Rune Arnøy saying that he had not yet received permission from the Russians so the venture has been shelved until the summer.

‘Until we get a clear signal from the Russians, we must delay the first train of fresh salmon,’ he added.

The project, which has been on the cards for almost 20 years, had created a lot of excitement in Norway.

The country has seen great unease among environmentalists over the rising number of seafood carrying flights to Asia, and increasing congestion on its roads from fish trucks.

Depending on the number of refrigerated wagons, each salmon train journey could have eliminated the need for dozens of flights.