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Russia send 145 tonnes of fruit and vegetables back to Kazakhstan

Staff Writer | August 31, 2017
Between August 22 and 25, the Russian authorities sent back a total of 145 tonnes of fruit and vegetables to Kazakhstan.
Russia Kazakhstan
Food trade   A phytosanitary certificate did not tell the whole story
The drivers of various lorries could not present the required documents. The authorities guided the lorries back to the border.

Five lorries from Kazakhstan were stopped in the Orenburg region in recent days. The lorries were headed for Moscow, Orenburg and St Petersburg.

Although a phytosanitary certificate accompanied the products, it didn’t meet EGA’s requirements. The five lorries were accompanied back to the border by the authorities.

The shipments of the lorries consisted of products from several Central Asian countries. From Kazakhstan: grapes (38 tonnes), melons (40 tonnes) and nectarines (2 tonnes).

From Uzbekistan: grapes (2.3 tonnes), plums (5.6 tonnes), bell pepper (0.5 tonnes), nectarines (4 tonnes), figs (0.5 tonnes) and apples (3.44 tonnes).

A lorry from Kazakhstan with 5.5 tonnes of apples was stopped in the Omsk region. Upon inspection, it became apparent that the apples lacked a phytosanitary certificate. The lorry was sent back to Kazakhstan under supervision.

In that same region, authorities found a batch of 40 tonnes of watermelons. The batch did not have a phytosanitary certificate, which was enough for the authorities to sent the watermelons back to Kazakhstan.