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Russia could be self-sufficient in fruit, vegetables by 2020

Staff writer ▼ | March 17, 2016
Sergei Travkin, an analyst from the National Union of Vegetable producerssaid even in winter it is possible to find any type of fruit or vegetable for sale in Russia.
Russia fruit vegetables
Food production   97 countries supply fruit and vegetables to Russia
Travkin said that 97 countries supply fruit and vegetables to Russia, 47 provide vegetables and 45 provide fruit. The main import countries are Belarus, China and Turkey.

Yet Travkin believes that by 2020, Russia will be completely self sufficient in supplying themselves.

"But this does not necessarily mean 100 percent food security, as the country is unable to grow bananas, avocados, etc. However, we will be able to realise the plan of self sufficiency, as on the whole it is not difficult.

"The difficulties only arise in terms of storage, which are now being resolved."