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Romania: Imported fruit and vegetables sold as domestic

Staff Writer | May 27, 2017
This week, control teams of the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) have verified compliance with the relevant legislation in all agro-food markets in Bucharest.
Romania food market
Food trade   Reasonable suspicions have been raised
The conclusion was that "very large volumes of fresh vegetables and fruits from intra-Community shipments or imports are traded as domestic products in wholesale stores or directly in agro-food markets," said a MARD statement.

Also, according to the MADR, reasonable suspicions have been raised about the lawfulness of many certificates, and for these situations, specialised inspections will be extended to the institutions that issued them.

On the first day of checks, MADR's control teams found 40 minor offences, with fines totalling 43,000 lei (about 9,436 Euro). Additionally, three managers of agro-food markets will have to pay a 12,000 lei fine each (about 2,633 Euro).

The inspections have focused on aspects such as the consistent labelling of all fruit and vegetable batches in the markets, with information on the product designation, place of origin, date of product receipt and obviously the selling price; or the existence of certificates issued by a producer under the terms of the law and of the documents of origin, in the case of traders.