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Prospects for poultry production in Angola are good

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 17, 2020
Poultry farming in Angola is developing, with it now being self-sufficient in egg production, but still reliant on imports for poultry meat.
Angola poultry
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A new report from the United States Department of Agriculture estimates poultry production at 27MT in 2018, mainly comprising backyard chickens and a few commercial farms.

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That year, Angola was the 5th largest importer of American poultry, valued at more than $180m.

According to the USDA, Angola aims to become a major poultry producer in the coming years.

One company forging ahead with meeting this goal is Aldeia Nova, a public/private partnership that is an integrated egg production system.

“The poultry operation of Aldeia Nova is a fully integrated egg production system utilising tenant farmers to manage small houses of 1,000 laying hen capacity. The project consists of 600 such units with a capacity to produce 400,000 eggs per day,” according to the USDA.