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Price of milk and butter soars in the Netherlands

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Staff Writer | August 21, 2017
The price of dairy products in the Netherlands has soared 10% over the past year – the highest increase in 10 years – the national statistics office CBS said at the weekend.
milk and butter
Europe   Dairy is only 14% of average food bill
Full-cream milk and butter, for example, cost 35% more than a year ago, while semi-skimmed milk is 25% more expensive.

Cheese is up by an average of 7%. The price of yoghurt, by contrast, is up just 2%. Within the eurozone as a whole, the price of dairy products have shot up the most in the Netherlands, the CBS says.

The CBS says some 14% of the average Dutch food bill goes on dairy products which, despite the Dutch reputation as a nation of dairy lovers, is one of the lowest percentages in Europe.

Only Spain, Belgium and Portugal spend less. By contrast, dairy accounts for nearly 23% of the average Lithuanian food bill.