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Polish pork imports, exports continue to increase

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Staff Writer | October 3, 2016
Polish exports of fresh/frozen pork increased in the first half of 2016 on a year earlier, up 13 percent to 219.6 thousand tonnes.
Polish pork
Meat trade   Italy is the largest recipient of Polish pork
Italy remained the largest recipient of Polish pork, although volumes were back 4 percent, and it accounted for just under 15 percent of all Polish exports.

As per the first quarter of 2016, shipments to Germany, the United States and Hong Kong continued to rise, with exports to the United States and Hong Kong more than doubling on last year’s levels.

This increase in shipments has been supported by a rise in the number of imported live pigs into Poland, which are up 10 percent in the half year to June on 2015 levels. This has helped to prop up Polish production, at a time when their breeding herd has declined by 16 percent.

Imports of fresh/frozen pork in the first half of 2016 recorded a slight increase on the year earlier, by 2 percent to 333.7 thousand tonnes.

This was predominantly driven by a 5 percent increase in Belgian shipments, while volumes from Denmark were back 12 percent on the year earlier. German imports largely stood on last year’s levels.